Set up in 2019 ahead of the September 20 Climate Strike, the Youth Direct Action Fund (YDAF) resources and supports youth organizers across the US working to protect our planet and the lives and futures of our generation.

As young people, we will face the increasingly dangerous effects of climate change over our lifetimes. But the climate crisis doesn’t affect everyone equally. Climate change disproportionately impacts low-income communities and people of color in this country — as we engage with the climate crisis, we must also fight against racial injustice and economic inequality. We’re committed to supporting youth organizers pushing for climate justice, racial justice, economic equality, and other causes that impact our generation.

This fund, which is administered by a youth committee of representatives from various youth-led organizations, has granted out over $375,000 since it was created in 2019 in support of the Climate Strike, and we look forward to supporting the organizing happening on the ground across the country this year.