When I was in 6th grade, I took a writing class called “Environmental Detectives.” During the class, we read an Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, and from that point on my whole life changed. That was the first time I really understood that there could be a problem that was so massive, it could transcend a single group of people or community or country – a problem that affected all of humanity.

People must not know about this! I thought. People MUST not know that our entire planet and future is at risk!

Why else would we continue to behave in a way that was going to threaten our very existence? So I made it my life’s mission to teach people about climate change and bring them together to stop it’s effects.

Eight years later and I’m still on that mission. I wish I didn’t have to be, but almost nothing has been done to address this crisis since I was 10. And now, it’s much worse than before. If we don’t do something in the next 18 months, we may risk extinction as a species (truly, read about it here), and I have no choice but to fight. The climate crisis is the largest threat to our world and futures as we know it.

And that’s why I’m helping to organize the most massive youth climate mobilization in our country’s history.

On September 20th, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. Right now we have over 500 strike events on the map. Thousands of young people will be striking from school. Thousands of adult allies will be striking from work.

Young people refuse to sit by as our future is destroyed around us. And we are asking you to join us, to strike with us. Support the youth of America by

This is the most pressing issue of our time. It will take each and every one of us to stand up and create the change we need to save our futures. The youth of America need you.

It’s that simple.

Katie Eder
Executive Director, Future Coalition