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General Information for Earth Day #Strikes Event Hosts 

  1. The event map will go live around mid-February – for now, events are being *pre-registered* only. Take action now by creating your event so that it appears on the map when we launch! 
  2. There are so many different kinds of actions that you can plan for Earth Day #Strikes – if you haven’t already, check out our run-down of the three days of action
  3. You will receive tons of information and updates from our organizing and communications teams – make sure to check your email inbox! 

Action Network – How to Create an Event

Start by verifying your Action Network account.  Note your login email and password.  If you do not have an Action Network account, sign up here.

Start by searching to make sure a event isn’t already being planned in your location — you can search by Zip Code.

If there is no event in your area, find the “Click to Host” button and follow the instructions from there.

You’ll fill out a form with the date, time and location of your event.  Please use USPS address if possible for the closest pinpoint to your event.  You can edit the RSVP form on the right side of your screen, if you would like specific data on your RSVPers. Add an event description or any information you’d like your guests to know — this is a great place for a Facebook link or web address.

Make sure to click that Save & Publish button because that’s how it will show up on the map.

To get back to your event, login directly to Action Network then find “Your Actions”.

Once your event is on the map, you can recruit people in your school and community to join you and get access to more support and resources.

If you would like to come back to this, you should have received an email with further instructions to finish registering your Earth Day event! Check your spam if you don’t see it.

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